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App Icon Generator

A Drag And Drop Generator

Robert Wildgoose 2020-05-27

App Icon Generator

A Mac app to generate icons for your iOS and Mac apps

Version 1.2(Current Downloadable Version)

This version includes a generator for iPhone, iPad and Mac apps as well as providing scaled assets as well.

Morsed Mobile App

A Dot Dash Release

Robert Wildgoose 2020-05-02


An iOS application for translating Morse Code

Version 1.8.1(Current Live Version)

Whats New In This Release

This version includes "Audio Morsed" allowing users to type a message and have the translated morse code played back to them, this feature had been requested in reviews (see below) and is only the first addition with Audio Morsed.

Version 1.7.2

Whats New In This Release

In this version I've added a feature submission page to allow people to post things they would like to see integrated into the application, as well as this i've fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.7.1

Whats New In This Release

I've cleaned up some bugs as well as adding support for emojis. You can now replace those dots and dashes with emojis to add that extra layer of amusement to your Morsed conversations.

Version 1.6.1

Whats New In This Release

I've cleared up the UI so that it follows suit throughout the app. Removed the Dark Mode switch originally added and integrated Native Dark Mode. Fixed a few issues within the iMessage Extensions not auto translating on selection.

Version 1.5.1

Whats New In This Release

In this version, I've added a new iMessage Extension allowing users to share there translation within the apple messages app.

Version 1.4.1

Whats New In This Release

In this version, I've added a new "Morse Code Guide" allowing users to see all characters side by side translations.

Version 1.3.1

Whats New In This Release

In this version, I've added numerical translations have been added as well as some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.1

Whats New In This Release

This version contains a total redesign of the app, including dark mode.
The biggest improvement within this release is the size of the application which has reduced massively from the previous 66mb to 13.8 MB.
Dark Mode
Allowing the visual UI to switch between dark or light, this setting is saved so that when you restart the device you wont need to switch.
Copy & Paste
Translations made within the app can now be copied and pasted into which ever other app you wish to use it in.
The ability to share translations over other apps is now live allowing you to use your messages in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

Version 1.1

This version is the initial upload of the app, created in Xamarin this app was poorly designed and required bug fixing.

Random User Generator

A C# Library

Robert Wildgoose 2019-06-22

What Is It and How Can I Use It

C# Random User Library provides random user data for each call sent out.
Pulling down the code from github and add this to your project.

How do I get a single user?

var SingleUser = UserGeneratorService.GetSingleUser().results.ElementAtOrDefault(0);

How do I get a certain amount of users?

var MultipleUsers = UserGeneratorService.GetMultipleUsers(10).results;

How do I get a previous user back again?

var MultipleUsers = UserGeneratorService.GetSpecificUser(User.seed).results;

How do I get a User from a specific Demographic?

var SpanishUser = UserGeneratorService.GetSingleUserSpecificNationality(Nationality.Spain).results.ElementAtOrDefault(0);

How do I get a Set Of 10 Users from a specific Demographic?

var MultipleSpanishUser = UserGeneratorService.GetMultiUsersSpecificNationality(Nationality.Spain,10).results;

UK Crime Data

A C# Library

Robert Wildgoose 2019-06-22

C# UK Crime Data Library


Simply pull this repo down and add the project into your projects solution.
Once included there are several calls you can make ,which are shown below.

###How do I get a every police force

var AllPoliceForces = CrimeService.GetAllForces();

###How do I get a more info on a certain police force ie Wiltshire Police

var PoliceForce = CrimeService.GetSingleForces("wiltshire");

###How do I get all crimes for a certain date in a certain location

var Crimes = CrimeService.GetAllCrimesByPoint("52.9534161", "-1.1492773","2018-10");

AR Monsters

A Personal Challenge

Robert Wildgoose 2019-04-26

What is it?

A Small POC i’ve made using pokemon cards as image placeholders to add in 3d pokemon models

What could be added?

I plan to later on implement health bars and showing the pokemon’s attacks as pressable buttons.